Skyline Lua API  Version 1.0
Lua Script Reference for Skyline Game Engine.
game Member List

This is the complete list of members for game, including all inherited members.

clickObject(int Zero)game
doDamage(int entityID, float x, float y, float z, float damageAmt, float powerAmt)game
enableMouseRay(int state)game
getHealth(int objID)game
resetGame(int mode)game
resetLevel(int zero)game
setHealth(int objID, int health)game
SetMouseRayEnable(int state) int isKo(int objIDgame
setMouseTrap(int state)game
setPlayerID(string tagName)game
setSceneSpeed(float speed)game
setTargetID(int entityID, int TargetID int enabled, float offsetY)game
setWeapon(int entityID, String weaponKey)game
setWeaponFullAmmo(int entityID, string weapon, int state)game
shoot(int entityID, int state)game